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3 in 1 wireless charger for Android gadgets

3 in 1 wireless charger for Android gadgets

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ReVolt A9 wireless docking station is designed specifically for charging up to three devices simultaneously. This station is compatible with Samsung and Android smartphones, and other gadgets that support Qi standard. It has a built-in Samsung Galaxy Watch wireless charger, as well as a charging module for wireless earphones.

You can now charge your smartphone, Galaxy Watch and earphones simultaneously using wireless charging technology. This means that you don’t need any wires at all! Place the devices on the station and they will start charging directly. Special LED indicators display the charging status of each device. You may also use the horizontal charging function, which makes it possible to watch videos and charge your smartphone at the same time.

One of the distinctive features of the ReVolt A9 is its compactness. Due to its small size and well-thought-out design, the charger does not take up much space on the desktop or bedside table. It is the perfect solution for home and office that can save you space.

ReVolt A9 charger can easily replenish the power of three devices, and they will be completely ready to work at the necessary time. This is possible since the docking station is additionally equipped with a 18W adapter. It provides enough power to all three gadgets so that they can be charged at maximum power. The device has a multifunctional protection system, providing safe charging in accordance with international standards.

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