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Automatic wine aerator - dispenser

Automatic wine aerator - dispenser

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Stylish accessory designed to bring out the flavour of wine by oxygenating it when pouring the drink into glasses before serving. Suitable for use at home as well as in a restaurant or bar.

Unleash the bouquet of the wine
The aerator will instantly oxygenate the beverage during bottling, to bring out all unique hints of wine’s flavour.

Easy to use
The bottle-mounted dispenser will keep your beverage from becoming flat, just press it on top and fill your glass. Includes an extension folding tube to serve the wine, as well as a storage stand.

The automatic aerator allows you to discover the full flavour of wine and is suitable for most types of necks. The device runs on a set of 4 AAA batteries (included) and allows you to fill up to 30 bottles.

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