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Prestigio Maggiore, smart wine opener, 100% automatic

Prestigio Maggiore, smart wine opener, 100% automatic

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Maggiore wine opener was designed with careful attention to detail and can open wine bottles with little effort, even one-handed. The no-button design will save you from complex manipulations. Just stand the bottle upright, attach the corkscrew tightly, and within seconds you will be able to pour your favourite wine into the glass!

One full charge is enough to open up to 70 bottles!

Since the Maggiore wine opener is charged using a small wireless charging base it can work autonomously. No extra wires, slots or connections needed. LED indicator on the corkscrew body notifies about the level of battery charge.

Forget about the awkward props you were using earlier to remove the foil. Now you have got a dedicated knife for easy, and fast foil cutting. It is located in the upper part of the electric opener. Place it on the bottle neck, rotate it a couple of times, and remove the foil.

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